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are you a busker?

Please read our Busker "Rules of the Road" below, and apply when you're ready.

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Application Information


Berkshire Busk! is a summer event in Great Barrington, MA, where street performers (you!) will perform in designated areas in the early evenings of Friday and Saturday. The locations span one end of downtown to the other, creating a "cultural journey for town visitors."  

We have already scheduled a wide range of performers, diverse in age, race, skill, and genre -- from bands to jazz and classical music, spoken word, dance, jugglers and more in our inaugural year.  

We are in the beginning stages of planning our 2022 season. In the meantime, we encourage you to apply and we will get back to you shortly.

If we can't include you this year, we'll keep your information on file for future events.


Busker Rules of the Road

Dear Busker,

As a busker, you will be a  guest of the Town of Great Barrington, and as such you are asked to adhere to the following rules of the road which are meant to create a wonderful experience for all performers and the audience. 

Amplification: You may bring your own battery powered amplifier. We don’t have electrical outlets in any location. Please use your judgement about the loudness of your amp, and if you are asked by a Festival staffer to lower the amplification volume, you will agree, with a smile. 

Props: You may bring/use props, instruments, signs and costumes. However no weapons or anything that could appear to be a weapon of any type are allowed.  You may not use fireworks or fire of any kind in your performance, nor include any potentially dangerous audience participation.

Stipend:  Each performing group will be paid $75.00. And the payment will be made even if that evening is rained out and we have to cancel that night's performances.

Non-appearance: If you do not show up for a time when you have been confirmed to perform, you will forfeit any future performing slots you have been assigned. 

Signage:  We will provide a sandwich board for your location - and you are invited to prepare a sign that you can affix to the board, with your name,  your PayPal or Venmo account, or a QR code. We’ll give you more details later on this. 

Manners:  Refrain from using profanity, slander or obscene language in your act or towards other participants.   And, of course, be courteous to spectators, fellow performers. 

Alcoholic Beverages: Drinking alcoholic beverages during your performance isn’t allowed. You can drink afterwards!    

Don’t leave a trace:  You will be performing in front of stores, churches and public buildings. As such, if you create any kind of mess, you must clean it up when you leave. We don’t have a sanitation crew!