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The Lineup

Week 7: August 9 & 10

Friday, August 9 is Dance Night!

Use the buttons below  to see what each weekend has to offer!

Main Stage! Friday Night, August 9th: 6:30  - 10:00 PM

On Railroad Street in downtown Great Barrington.


Jacob's Pillow on The Road with Querencia Dance Company: Lower Railroad Street

The Boston-based salsa troupe Querencia Dance Company features high-energy dances by performance teams as well as dances by founders and company leaders Michelle Garcia and Julian De Las Nieves. Garcia and De Las Nieves are trained Boston based salsa dancers who travel as performers, choreographers, and instructors not only throughout the U.S. but also internationally. They have a shared goal of inspiring people through the arts and continuing to put Latin dance on not only a more visible map, but also an academic one.

DJ Bongohead: Upper Railroad Street

Pablo E. Yglesias aka DJ Bongohead is a graphic designer, visual artist, DJ, music producer, exhibition curator and writer of Cuban-American descent based in Massachusetts.
Friday Night, August 9th: 6:30  - 8:30 PM

All around downtown Great Barrington.


Joanna Magdalena: TP Saddleblanket

Joanne Bockemuehl Jackson is a passionate flamenco dancer and teacher/artist, choreographer, as well as a costume designer. She teaches flamenco dance lessons to children and adults at the Berkshire Pulse Studios in Housatonic, Great Barrington, MA. Her classes focus on building confidence through the expressive abilities of flamenco, which instills a sense of passion and individuality. She connects each student with their own personal story to tell and journey to live and guides them to find the expression through movement.

Qualia Dance Collective: Rubiner's Cheesemongers

Qualia Dance Collective seeks to explore the qualities of space, time, and energy as catalysts for movement and art and performs the choreography of Fiona Scruggs. Fiona’s background is in ballet, so her movement is grounded in principles of line and technical precision. The work she creates explores creative narratives of visual art and often possesses a surrealist quality, inviting her audience to envision new worlds. We perform in local venues and festivals to stay connected to our Berkshire neighbors and form stronger bonds with our nearby communities. Dialogues with the audience following performances are integral to engaging with our community and bridging access into the artistic process. Our work is poetic and classical, smart and inventive. We aim to awaken the imaginations of everyone we meet.

Abby Lappen: Gorham & Norton

Abby Lappen is a singer/songwriter based in the Hudson Valley. An accomplished artist whose unique voice and crisp guitar mesmerize audiences with warmth and agility, her passion comes alive with a wide range of styles and genres. With five albums to date, Lappen has recorded and performed original songs and meaningful covers in a cross genre mix from haunting folk and satirical blues to jazzy ballads and syncopated melodies.

When Paths Cross: Triplex Courtyard

When Paths Cross, a multi-disciplinary duo formed by Fern Katz and Ricardo Paz, blends dance, theater, acrobatics and circus. Their creations use dark humor, surrealism, and an excavation of the subconscious on stage. They've worked together on a dance-theater piece "The Leftovers," and a Chinese-pole solo "Quando a Alma não é Pequena," and co-created a duet "Familiar Things/Coisas de Família." Each has had distinctive careers, most recently Katz as a touring member of Ordem do O, creator of LIVING DOLLS Project, and has presented her work at various venues, including Jacob's Pillow. Paz, a specialist in Chinese Pole, went on to work with Séverine Chavrier, Olivier DuBois,Yves-Noël Genod, Diana Niepce, and more, and showcased his work on Got Talent. In 2024, When Paths Cross were artists-in-residence at Keshet Makers Experience (NM), Adams Theater (MA), The Foundry Theater, and Estufa Platforma Cultural (Portugal), and performed throughout New England and NYC.

John “Skeeter” Green: Robin's Candy

John “Skeeter” Green has been twisting balloons and entertaining families in upstate NY and the capital region and beyond for the past 27 years. He loves to have fun with everyone young and old. Over the years he has come to have a unique style of twisting balloons that everyone will enjoy.

Daryl Brooke - Steel Guitar: Carr Hardware

A recent transplant from Key West, now living in the Berkshires, Daryl Brooke brings a tropical groove to the Berkshires with his steel guitar music. Daryl enjoys performing instrumental melodies of songs that pass the test of time, and cross all genres of music. Performing solo at Berkshire Busk, he is also a member of the talented alt-country band Firetown Road, who are featured main stage performers at the Berkshire Busk.

Dav!d Reed: Castle Street Corner

Grab yer kitbag put, on yer travelin' shoes and embark on a unique musical odyssey from the sunny Caribbean to the backroads of Appalachia via the gritty juke joints of the deep Delta with singer-songwriter David Reed and his collection of guitars, percussion and spellbinding cigar box instruments. Whatever he picks from his wondrous songbag is guaranteed to make you feel glad. Come on along!
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